The advantages of buying back special owner credits

In the event of a difficult financial situation, the repurchase of owner loans is a solution allowing the owners to reduce their monthly payments to increase their room for maneuver in front of their expenses. What is the repurchase of credits for owners? A financial solution that combines the owner’s credit (s) with a single credit with lower monthly payments.


What you need to know about buying back special owner credits?

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An owner who would have cash flow problems, or who would have several credits in the process of being reimbursed, or even an owner who would like to carry out work can decide to restructure his credits: his current loan (s) are bought back, or grouped together, and the owner no longer has to pay the x monthly payments corresponding to the x current credits, but only one monthly payment corresponding to the new credit grouping together all the old loans in progress.

We are talking about repurchase of owner credits, or grouping of owner credits, or even restructuring of owner credits.


The advantages of buying back special owner credits are as follows:

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  • When you choose to buy a homeowner credit, you have only one contact: the financial advisor of the homeowner loan buyout company you have contacted. You no longer need to “juggle” between the different contacts of your different current credits.
  • With a buyout of owner credits, you pay only one monthly payment per month. Thus, managing your credits is much simpler and a single repayment each month is enough.
  • When subscribing to your credit combination, you can negotiate to pay a single monthly payment that is lower than the sum of the monthly payments that you paid before for your various outstanding loans. It is actually possible to reduce the amount of the monthly repayment of owner loans
  • In fact, thanks to the decrease in the amount of the monthly payment, your purchasing power increases: your available income after repayment of the owner credit repurchase and after payment of your monthly charges are higher than before the credit repurchase…

All the advantages of buying back credit for homeowners should not make us forget that it is essential to manage your budget well, especially since if buying back homeowners credit reduces the monthly payments, there are also disadvantages to take into account. account. For example, the repayment of credit is made over a longer period, thus generating a higher cost of credit.

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